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Success by tradition!

For over 80 years, Lacalut ® has been one of the oldest German dental care brands thanks to its innovation, competence and passion for the healthy and carefree smile of its users. Numerous studies prove the medical effectiveness of gum problems, such as gum bleeding or periodontitis, as well as the effect on caries prevention. Because here: only a healthy gum holds a tooth!

Products from Germany - known all over the world!

Guided by the needs of customers, Lacalut® develops its products in the research department of Dr. Ing. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH and manufactures in Germany. From here, the Lacalut product range is exported worldwide. With constant success.

Thus, the Lacalut® brand is almost literally “on everyone's lips”, especially in Eastern Europe, where Lacalut® has been one of the leaders in the dental care market for many years.

***info taken from official company website***